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Air Conditioning

To maintain the Air Conditioning System on your Mercedes-Benz at its peak efficiency it should be serviced regularly. (at least every two years)

During normal use your air conditioning refrigerant gas leaks in small quantities from the joints and seals of the system. Over time the gas levels fall below a minimum level to operate the system and fails to circulate.

The refrigerant also acts as a system lubricant and low levels can cause the seals and bearings to "dry out" leading to a breakdown of the compressor and/or associated components.

With compressor replacement typically costing in excess of £800 it will be cheaper in the long run to have your system checked periodically. Utilising trained staff and the latest and most advanced equipment Andy Gayle MB Serv Ltd can ensure your vehicle is operating at its best. Keep your cool and have your system re-gassed and checked for just £70.50p including refrigerant and vat and resetting the control unit on vehicles which require the fault code to be erased before the system will work.

(Don't confuse our full system check with those cheap Air-Con Regas offers available, which only put more refrigerant into the system, with out checking what has come out.